Sep. 6th, 2014

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My last day of work, barring some extreme change in circumstance, should be Thursday, October 23rd.  I put in for a few more furlough days as well, since I won't be reimbursed for any extra when I resign.  Between those days and our Disney trip, I actually only have to go to work 22 more times!  I truly will miss the work I do and all of my work pals, but I'm MORE excited to start my new life in Oregon with my man.

I miss Drew.  And it's only been three days!  Five more weeks until we're together again.  In the meantime, I am helping him map out apartments to visit, since he only has a mostly malfunctioning phone on which to research and plan things.

Today I did next to nothing, which is exactly how much I had planned to do.  After the last two dizzying weeks of packing and sorting and going to various appointments and getting our cat settled at a friend's place, I needed a single day of vegetation.  I've halfway watched three or four movies, and stayed in my PJs all day.  I did do a little gardening with my father this morning, trimming radishes and purple carrots as he pulled them out of the ground, and harvesting the last of the basil for pesto.

Tomorrow I eat many kinds of mushroom soup!  Something else to which I can look forward!


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