May. 2nd, 2010

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We were burgled on Friday. Coming home all happy and unawares, I was met at the door by Drew who told me what was taken. Later, I discovered some more of my things that were taken. A portable DVD player (whatever) and two rings that belonged to my great-grandmother. That's the stuff I'm really hurting over. Someone was in our space without permission and went through deciding what was of value and what wasn't. I feel violated.

To cheer ourselves, Drew and I went to the beach yesterday for a no-plans, no-stress day trip. It was fantastic. There was a wine tasting on the way down. Once at the beach, we rode bikes along the boardwalk and through some lovely neighborhoods. After, we had freshly made fruit and veggie juices. Then we laid out on the beach and watched some people set up the strangest and most slapdash beach wedding I've ever seen. There was a singing DJ guy, and the last song he sang before the bride came down the aisle was Country Roads. You know... West Virginia... mountain mama. ODD.

An interaction between a 6 yr old girl and myself while I was checking out her mother's books on Friday:

Girl: Are you a Christian?
Me: (already expecting to regret my honesty) No, actually, I'm not.
Girl: (long pause) Are you an Egyptian?
Me: (blinks, laughs) No, I'm not that either.
Mom of Girl: What in the world made you say that?
Girl: (shrugs) I don't know!


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