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i'm sure it's been said in the finer print

you make me look legitimate

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Birthdate:Jul 20
Location:Portland, Oregon, United States of America
The gap to faith is tiny, but I can't begin to leap.


"I yearn for that room I saw through an open window, lined with books, suspended over life, where nothing ever turns to dregs, where landings are not crash landings." - The Diary of Anais Nin

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all the berries,, arts and crafts, avocados, bacon everything, baked goods, beach trips, being genuine and good, being good at stuff, belgian style ales, bibliotherapy, big boggle, birthday cake, board gaming, bulk aisles, camping, candy babel, card games, cardamom, children, christmas, cilantro, clipping coupons, cooking, creating, cupcakes, dance aerobics, dance parties, deep green grass, don delillo, dresses with pockets, everything about autumn, film movement, flirtation, folkgrass, food carts, free things, free will astrology, getting up early, gewurtztraminer, giggle fits, glitter and sparkles, growing up, handmade cold process soap, herbs, high thread count, hug point, husband and wife tattoos, ice cream novelties, important thoughts, impromptu celebrations, intense conversation, jubal e. harshaw, kiddie pools, ladies' game night, lan su gardens, laughing forever, laughing with my mom, lentils, letters, libraries, library conferences, library scientists, liking things, ltlym, making friends, mediterranean cuisine, men wearing glasses, minty colors, miranda july, mix cds, moments of clarity, mostly skirts and dresses, my parents, new things, nippy naps, north williams street, nurturing, old old family photos, old things, penny slots and bingo, pinterest, planning celebrations, playdates, postal correspondence, potlucks, pretty underthings, pronoia, punk rock flea market, putting things in blenders, queers, quilting, readers advisory, reading aloud to friends, real mail, recommending books to folks, rising and shining, round baby animals, sacral dimples, sauvie island, scamps, sex positivity, shouty twee anthems, singing all the time, slingshot planners, smut, snicky snacks, soups of all kinds, subtitles, summer music festivals, supermarket narratives, sushi buffet, swanky magazines, sweet teeth, tattooed folks, the felice brothers, the ten day forecast, themed parties, thrift shopping, trader joe's, truth and beauty projects, twang, typewriter sounds, valley girl intelligenstia, viognier, warm soft bellies, working on art projects
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