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Talking is the cure for everything. (Not physical ailments. Not laryngitis or anything.)

Saturday night, I went out with Drew and saw a mini vogue ball. We got beers and sandwiches at 1AM afterward and hung out with Drew's friend Lukas. I wore a shirt that showed my midriff. It was great.

Sunday, Drew was going to spend the afternoon at a Black Self Care event, but after we woke up and called our moms (Mother's Day), we got into some unplanned relationship conversation that was healthy, illuminating, and lasted three hours. It covered sex, identity, breaking familial patterns, how to address possible future concerns of toxicity between our spouse and their other partner, and how texting can be a problematic way to hash out issues. All good stuff. By then, Drew wasn't going to make the event on time, so he did some desk work, went to the gym, and visited a friend who just had top surgery. I made the most of my alone time by finishing Master of None and starting Twin Peaks. Also, I made several dozen chocolate covered peanut butter balls. When Drew got home, I cooked our second Blue Apron meal, Tandoor Chicken with Summer Squash, Rice, and Raita.

It might seem silly that I've subscribed to Blue Apron, being that Drew is an executive chef and I've done a bit of cooking before. But in reality, Drew doesn't feel like cooking after doing so for 50 hours a week. We both work six days out of seven. Not having a car means grocery trips take three times as long. I don't have the energy to plan meals and I also don't have a recent mental file of Drew approved meals to whip up off the top of my head. Plus, we tend to buy groceries, cook once, let the rest go bad, and then eat out instead. As a temporary measure, this makes so much sense on all those fronts.

But we ARE having a crab boil on Sunday. That's hella exciting. It's supposed to be in the upper 70's, sunny, and we'll have 11 or 12 guests. I bought Drew a crab shirt, plus I ordered plastic crab bibs (with a crab on them!), leg crackers, and shell zippers. I kind of get into things.

This post sort of lost its direction, so I'll end here.
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