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I'm turning 27 in a few minutes. I'm typing this on a phone which means I am modern and ''with it,'' finally.

Bad stuff first... I have begun to hate this house. We were robbed, the basement keeps flooding after heavy rain, Drew's dad is the oddest landlord possible, and Turkey recently decided that a litter box is for the birds and now uses a hidden storage area of the basement to do her elimination stuff. Gross. We also get mega-centipedes here. Finger length. It's creepy.

The good news is that we're moving at the end of the summer. To Middletown. Which is the middle of the nowhere that Is Delaware. I'm okay with that. I'm applying for a promotion as soon as it is posted... Library Specialist. I'll also be working part time at Frightland this fall. It's this whole haunted house and scary Halloween place that I love. My brother and mom worked there last year.

Anyway, I made cupcakes tonight. They are supposed to be sunflower cupcakes but the heat and humidity are making piping frosting impossible. Final assembly and decor may be postponed 'til I gat to work tomorrow. I do have 11 red M&M ladybugs and a bunch oF green fruit rollup leaves completed and at the ready.

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