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Posting on Livejournal these days is akin to talking to yourself. And yet, here I am.

We realized a bit after the burglary that a window A/C unit was stolen from our closet on the first floor. That's just rude.

ALA Highlights:
- Amy Sedaris
- Toni Morrison
- Bookmobile Parade
- Bookcart Drill Team Championships
- Everything? Stuff I can't even fathom yet?

I'm excited.

Elliott wrote me yesterday. I wish the psychic strands linking our two brains and beings would just stop transmitting already. Trust me, I don't believe in that shit any more than you do, but then I happen upon a cache of cards he sent me in college and I feel all terrible and then suddenly he is texting me on my phone after a month of silence. If his path leads one way and mine leads another, and never the twain shall meet and all that, then we could both do without this psychic exchange.

Some unfunded library jobs are getting their funding back, which means job openings very soon. One has been posted already. Primary Library Assistant. Basically, what my supervisor does. Not for me. It's not much of a step up and it will keep me in circulation FOREVER. I'm waiting for Library Specialist. It's something like $5,000 more than what I'm making now and a foot into the door of reference. I have a really solid chance, I think.

My brother, my mom, and I are going to the Steampunk World's Fair this weekend. Central Jersey. Yes, we are dressing up. It's my brother's thing, but my mom got suckered into making him a Sherlock Holmes-esque coat and then she wanted to make skirts and little corset vest things too. We hit the Goodwill for shoes and accessories. I don't know what else to say about the event, other than it will probably be fun and I will probably enjoy giggling at all the people in top hats and suspenders with brass-looking water guns and elaborate cog jewelry.

Turkey continutes to be the best cat ever. She is curled at my feet under the computer table right now, making fuzzy noises in her sleep.

I'm still a bit lost right now. Working on it.
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