Jun. 18th, 2015

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We got our (very belated) 2nd anniversary tattoos yesterday! Each year, we're going with a theme as opposed to getting matching tattoos, since our styles are so different. In 2013, it was waves. For 2014, bees. We are going to Vegas in October for our 3rd anniversary, so maybe our next theme will be Vegas-y or desert-y? Anyway, here are the bees:

#gratitude30 Day 10 - Words: Home Is Where The Honey Bee means home can be defined as wherever I am with my dearest love and true counterpart.

And one of Drew getting worked on by the amazing Abby:


Also, Drew finally realized that I SORT OF lovingly conned him into being okay with me getting lots of tattoos in the years to come. He has expressed many times that he likes my current tattoos, but doesn't want to see me covered in them. Being the person I am, I have always been like, "That's your opinion, honey, and I respect it. However, I'm a grown woman and I do what I want." THEN, we got tattoos together for our first anniversary, on a whim, and I suggested that we do it every year for the rest of time. He agreed, and then yesterday marveled at my sentimental cunning. "Smart woman," said Abby.


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