Aug. 30th, 2014

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I fell asleep on my dad's couch, and then woke up wanting ice cream. I think my husband tried to get me to go to sleep in our temporary quarters in the basement, but he knew I was exhausted and let me be. We spent this whole week packing, cleaning, throwing stuff away, and yesterday we loaded all of our remaining possessions into two wooden boxes the size of walk-in closets, which will be stored at a Uhaul facility until the end of October. My husband didn't believe it would all fit, and feared we would need a third box, which would have been considerably more expensive, so I gloated a little when we only halfway filled the second box. It is a strange experience to be without all of your things. I suspect it will be a little like Christmas when we unpack in Oregon, except we will most likely be sitting on milk crates instead of the couch on which I was most recently napping.

We now have to do a deep cleaning of our empty house, which I am not looking forward to in the least. Hopefully, my wonderful husband will do most of it while I am at work tomorrow, since I am pretty much useless after a Saturday at the circulation desk. On Sunday, we are taking a carful of stuff to the flea market to sell. Last Sunday, we made something like $175 there, and it defrayed the costs of various truck rentals over the past week. Later, I'm taking our cat and all of her accessories to get settled in at a friend's apartment. We put sparkly pink caps on her claws Thursday, in an effort to keep her from destroying my friend's door frames. [A moment of silence here for our own shredded door frames, which will hopefully be restored tomorrow with some spackle and paint.] Monday is Labor Day, and there will be some kind of grilling with my dad and step-mother. Tuesday is Drew's last day in Delaware, until he returns in five weeks for our Disney World trip and a goodbye party.

Wednesday, Drew leaves for Oregon to establish a blueprint of our future life on another coast. We have not been apart for more than a week since we started dating again in 2008. I'm much more excited now than nervous, but still.

Okay. Bedtime, part two.


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